Take the risk out of enterprise identity and access management

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Take the risk out of enterprise identity and access management

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Be the security “Risk Mitigator” your organization needs. Control user and privileged access. Govern identities. Secure data. Get more done with less. Now, identity and access management (IAM) can finally be driven by business needs, not IT capabilities. With Dell One Identity Manager you can unify security policies, meet compliance needs and achieve governance while improving business agility today and in the future with a modular and scalable Identity and Access Management solution.

Identity Manager can:

Secure the business by unifying access to accounts, external accounts, privileged accounts, data and applications throughout an user’s lifecycle
Save you time and money
Unify security policy information from multiple sources to mitigate security risks.
Make security a business enabler with a security infrastructure that can adapt to your changing organizational landscape
Put access decisions in the hands of the business where it belongs
Reduce IT effort with user self-service access request portal
Support audit and compliance initiatives by governing all access activities from request through fulfillment
Meet attestation / recertification policy requirements with ease
Realize faster time-to-value with fast, accurate deployment
Receive ongoing, dedicated support from highly skilled professionals and the option to upgrade to Business critical Support for 24/7 coverage across
all international time zones
Features :

Risk reducer – Make better security decisions by combining security information and policies from multiple sources to reduce exposure and information silos
Governance 360 – Provide auditors with real-time Governance reports that detail what resources are in your environment, who has access to them and when and why that access was granted and terminated. Experience a stress-free audit with our customizable reporting engine that gives you and the auditors what you need.
Provisioning done right – Eliminate the manual mistakes by automating provisioning to any system, platform or application.
Access done right – Enhance security by providing employees, contractors, partners, customers, students, alumni, constituents and patients with only the access they absolutely need - nothing more and nothing less!
Free up IT – Enhance security and reduce IT effort with user self-service for access. With an intuitive “shopping cart” interface, users can provision themselves (when approved), request physical assets and control access rights and permissions for their entire identity lifecycle
Scale up and out – There’s no need to start over. Build on the investments and infrastructure you already have and grow from there. Move from your current platform by integrating a modular and integrated solution into your “traditional” IAM frameworks as you move toward a single, consistent IAM strategy in the future.
Comply now – External regulations? No problem. Internal policies? No problem. Get the complete visibility you need while meeting the demands of all the other groups.
Privileged governance – Achieve a unified governance approach for all employees regardless of their role and level of access needed. By integrating Privileged Password Manager with Identity Manager, users can request, provision and attest to privileged and general user access within the same console.

source:// http://software.dell.com/products/identity-manager/

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